Here’s The ONE THING That Can Make Any Woman Fall Helplessly In Love With You… Prepare To Be Blown Away!

image via Roman Seliutin If you’ve been thinking all along that wining and dining your date alone can make her fall helplessly in lov [...]

How To Flirt With Women Like A Pro… Fellas, Brace Yourselves!

image via Shutterstock / View Apart When you meet a woman for the first time, the real fun actually starts when both of you are into the ga [...]

How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work In 5 Simple Steps

image via Shutterstock / Iakov Filimonov Most people believe that long distance relationships just never work out. Your family may no doubt [...]

Here Are 3 Irresistibly Sexy Men’s Fragrances That Can Drive Any Woman Absolutely Bonkers

image via Shutterstock / Karramba Production Do you know the secret to being irresistible to women? Well most of the time a sexy fragrance [...]

These Guys Used The CHEESIEST Pick Up Lines To Approach Girls… The Result Was A Smashing Success!

  Do Cheesy Pick-Up Lines actually work? Well in this video the guys from Simple Pickup went out and approached girls using hilariously [...]

This Legendary Guy Actually Picked Up Women Wearing A Fat Suit To Prove That Confidence Is Everything

  This guy is legendary! To prove that when it comes to generating attraction from the opposite sex looks don’t matter, he put on [...]

If You’re Going On A First Date, Here Are The Top 3 Blockbuster Topics You DEFINITELY Need To Talk About!

image via Shutterstock / pio3 Unless you look like Brad Pitt; if you’re dull, predictable, and about as dry as a bulls bum going up a [...]

How To Conquer Your Fear of Women And FINALLY Snag The Woman Of Your Dreams!

image via Shutterstock / Sidarta First I want you to read the questions below and tell me if you can relate to any of them: Are you afraid [...]

Here’s The ONE Male Quality That Women Find Irresistible… Hoo Boy, Get Ready!

image via Shutterstock / Kopytin Georgy First let me ask you a quick question: have you ever heard of the term “laughter is the best sedu [...]

Here Are The Eight Most DANGEROUS Mistakes Guys Make In Online Dating

image via Shutterstock / Ollyy Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past 20 years, then you would know that 21st century datin [...]
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